A Rule of Life


What is a Rule of Life?

In the simplest of terms, a Rule of Life is an ordered way living. The idea developed in Christian monastic communities, the best-known of which is that of St Benedict, dating from the 6th century. Christian spirituality is a habit, and like any good habit, there must be form and order; a daily approach. The spiritual life is ordered around these three disciplines: Sunday worship, daily prayer, and private devotion.

What may seem restrictive is actually freedom, for within form we are truly free; free to move, to live, thriving within the familiar.  Though bound to Christ, in Him there is perfect freedom. The habit of living an ordered life is rooted in Scripture and always points to Christ. He is the one who perfectly kept Sabbath. He is the one who prayed every morning and evening. He is the one who lived in perfect devotion to the Father. And His life is the one we imitate.